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Biography of Eleanora "Nora" Hallen

Book cover photo:Eleanora's Diary by Caroline Parry

Book cover photo:
Eleanora's Diary
by Caroline Parry

Name: Eleanora "Nora" Hallen
Date: 1823 - 1846
Role: Pioneer, Journalist
Girlhood achievement: Chronicling the experiences of a girl in Canadian history!

In 1833, the Hallen family made the long voyage from Rushock, England, to Canada – with 10 children. Eleanora was 10 years old when her family settled near the village of Coldwater, Ontario. She chronicled her adventures in her journal, even including some drawings of her siblings, the clothes they wore and what they saw around them.

Eleanora could not have imagined that her day-to-day writings would give 21st century Canadians a rare look into life in the early 1800s. From Eleanora's journal entries, historians can better understand what it was like to be a girl in those challenging times.

Eleanora kept a very extensive collection of journals during her short life (she died at age 23). Throughout 1835, she wrote one entry a month – the only surviving journal that covers that entire year! Historians are still going through her journals to help recreate her story, that of her family and those of other pioneering families.

Eleanora Hallen – a history-making Canadian girl and a great Canadian woman.

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