Stories of Girls Making a Difference

Photo of Ophélie Langevin

Name: Ophélie Langevin
Date: Born 2002
Role: Entrepreneur, activist
Girlhood achievement: President of her own company at age 10

At age 10, Ophélie Langevin wanted to work in her hometown of Ste-Julie, Quebec, but was told by city officials that she was too young for a job and could only work through a foundation. So she started her own social enterprise: Cream Pops! With her team of 15 volunteers, Ophélie spent the summer raising money for the Fondation Hôpital Pierre-Boucher – the hospital where she and her sister were born – by selling ice cream treats at soccer games and community events.

Ophélie already has lots of experience in running her own business, which will come in handy in her hoped-for future career as a sommelier and vineyard owner! Her philosophy for success is: "When something doesn't go well, don't give up – try something else!"

Now that the ice cream season has come to an end, Ophélie is planning to donate the remaining stock from her Cream Pops enterprise to a children's hospital. She hopes to present the ice cream to the children in person, with her mascot dog Lilou in tow.

Ophélie Langevin – a history-making Canadian girl and a future great Canadian woman.

Photo credit: Marco Campanozzi, La Presse

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